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Wine Cellar

A custom wine cellar, recently built in Flagstaff Arizona. Enjoy a tour from Mike Furr of Mike Furr Construction,  one of Flagstaff’s favorite home builders.

Custom Home Building – Kitchens, New and Remodeled

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and tend to be at the center of design considerations whether you are building a new home or looking into remodeling. Kitchen remodeling projects can transform the home and bring modern elements to an older home.  Have a look at some of our recent kitchen remodeling projects in Flagstaff.

Your Flagstaff Contractor

Flagstaff Contractor


Our Process – Our Experience and our Project Management!
We help our customers achieve immediate built-in value through our proven Home Building Management Program, where all management fees are established up front. You don’t have to pay inflated prices for upgrades and extras. There are no hidden markups or fees tacked on to the actual cost. You always know (and pay) the true price.

You benefit directly from cost savings as they are realized throughout construction.
• There are no contractor markups of subcontractors


I have a low bid from another builder. How do I compare?
Your decision to hire one builder over another shouldn’t rest solely on price. In fact, there are several other criteria that are more important: style, finishes and features of the home (high efficiency, green or Energy Star; insulation value; solar gain; etc.), the site conditions and the type of contract you want to use for construction. Bids by competitive builders are difficult to read and compare – and you have to ensure that the bids are based on identical specifications, using the same quality of materials. Then consider the quality of the workmanship offered by each builder.
Remember, the low bid signifies the cheapest builder you can find, and it is possible that that builder won’t be the cheapest when construction is done. More important than cost is the builder’s reputation and professionalism, experience, competence and warranty coverage. Another important consideration is compatibility with your builder. Building a custom home can be a stressful experience, and the better relationship you have with your builder, the easier it will be.


Contact us and we will schedule a time to meet and discuss your vision, then customize a plan for you. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is hiring a builder. It is a good idea to hire a builder early in the process – even before you’ve picked a lot or a design for the house. The process of building a house is so complex that help from a professional builder in site selection, home design and outlining written specifications can avoid costly mistakes.

Learn more on our FAQ page

Bathroom Remodeling

REMODELING THE BATHROOM | From an Investment Standpoint

Remodeling or updating your bathroom could add real value to your home.  Baths and kitchens are in the 90-110% value for dollars spent on these rooms. While no one is guaranteed to recoup their investment in a bathroom remodel if they over invest in the fixtures or finish, a new bath could help with the sale of a home, if this is the intent.  Most bathroom remodels, are for the homeowner who intends to stay in the home at least 3-5 years, and is willing to pay for a nice upgrade of plumbing fixtures and finishes.   Many people will recoup their investment in bathroom and kitchen remodeling if they plan to keep the home more than 5 years.   Personal preference and cost are the primary deciding factors to remodeling your bath.  It is complete acceptable for the avid do-it-yourself homeowner to attempt this work, however if the home is older, professionals are highly recommended.

Flagstaff Renovations and Additions: Energy-Efficiency Updates


Many residential remodeling projects offer an opportunity to improve the efficiency and livability of an existing space, as well as creating additional space and updated looks.  A well insulated, energy efficient room is a comfortable one that feels better and costs less to heat and cool.  Here in Flagstaff, many of these efficiency standards are also a requirement, due to the impact efficient windows and building methods have on your long-term energy use.  Anywhere we see an opportunity to improve upon the efficiency of your home, you can count on us to make recommendations that will bring value and comfort to your space.


We are impressed with what foam can do for your home.  When you think of “spray-foam,” we hope you don’t think of plastic and harmful or toxic chemicals.  Today’s foam is made of all natural soy and is completely green, and actually much cleaner than traditional insulation.  Spray foam applications fill in all of the tiny gaps and holes in your walls, around electrical fixtures and in tough attic spaces.  Ask us about it!


Window upgrades are one of the most important investments in your home remodeling budget and one of the most important selections for energy efficiency. Window selection will include a basic understanding of a few terms used for efficiency ratings.


U-factor is the value of heat transfer (the lower the number, the better the materials is regarding the insulation factor)  the formula is complicated, but recently the international energy code insulation requirements were adopted in Northern Arizona.  Some areas in the valley still sell very leaky poorly insulated windows.  Our county is ahead of the curve, and yes it did raise the price of new construction.
– All windows need to be Low-E, with a .35 U-factor (wood and vinyl windows)
– Wood and Metal window frames, sliding doors, need a U-factor of .45 max.
– Skylights are a .60 max U-factor

Most windows and glazing sold here in Northern Arizona now meet this requirement, but if someone chooses to purchase cheaper windows in the valley and install them in their Flagstaff home, they won’t meet this code.  Homeowners can do it, but we don’t know of any contractors who do, particularly if they don’t meet code.  Our inspectors ask us to keep the window stickers on all new glazing until the final inspection  (just to keep everyone honest).

Flagstaff Home Construction

A new home construction site in Flagstaff.  Watch our crew’s maneuvers, setting a Beam 45′ up!
by Mike Furr Construction, Inc.

Adios to an old MFC Ford Truck

Adios old MFC Ford
You were a good old truck (52 years young)