While we always follow proven, sustainable building practices, there are many modern practices to help improve your home’s efficiency and sustain your property. We provide many property owners in Northern Arizona with water resource management and offer additional property management solutions, including:

Wildfire Mitigation

Flagstaff Wildfire prevention and mitigation.  Controlled burn.  Learn more at:  firewise


Water Well installation. Well maintenance.
Water Collection – roof run-off storage systems and grey water collection
Tap Water Purification

Solar Power

Solar Power Panel Installation

Home Insulation – Energy Efficiency

From windows to walls to floors, we keep up on the edge of modern energy efficiency standards, and balance the new with the old world ways of just doing a great job.  We understanding the necessity of keeping a project practical in both the short and long term.

Flagstaff Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Rebates and Incentives – PDF
Sustainable Arizona (link)

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